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Areas Needed:





Paper quilling

Oh yeah, and if this room can double as a guest room, well, all the better!

To Do List for Studio:

Here is the current plan of attack on our Studio.  Check back for updates.  I’ve set a goal of March 31 to complete our Studio and added a countdown at the bottom of the page. Wish us luck!

    1. Paint
      1. All 4 walls green? Or maybe purple?
      2. Trim “white”
    2. Window coverings – shades are OK as is, but maybe something fun as a valance or panel?
    3. Floor covering
      1. Move zebra rug into this room?
    4. Walls:
      1. Shelf for creative faeries that my daughter made
      2. Corkboards above desks?
    5. Lighting – definitely need something better than what we have.  Maybe track?
    6. Other
      1. Dress form to look like me
      2. Mirror
    7. Furniture
      1. Green chairs for desks
      2. Large craft tables (see more here)
      3. Storage cart for my daughter’s beading, quilling, and scrapbooking supplies (see the progress here)
      4. Corner table for computer
      5. File cabinet for patterns (see more here)
      6. Chair(s) – to use for hand work and reading
      7. Decorate trunk in animal print? – now that I’ve ordered a large file console, this may need to be moved into another room.  Keep you posted.
      8. Cutting table? – will one fit??
    8. Cleaning / Organizing / Decluttering
      1. My daughter’s younger stuff that we just keep moving around the house
      2. Books
      3. Fabric – need better system for storing scraps.  Or do I need them at all?
      4. Patterns – organize them somehow (see more here)


These are rooms I like for all sorts of reasons.  Keeping these pictures around till we’re done!

Love the colors!

Storage and Built-Ins


Progress on our Studio


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