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Pattern File Cabinet

Day 2 of our Studio Makeover:  Putting Patterns in Place

After organizing my patterns I determined that I needed a two-drawer file cabinet.  I had three options which I talked about in this post, but while looking around online some more, I noticed that the Martha Stewart craft furniture line not only had a one-drawer file cabinet, they also had a 4-drawer file console.

Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Space Standard File Cabinet

Two drawers would be plenty for my patterns and future growth, but I wasn’t sure I needed four drawers.  I spent some time in my still messy Studio and realized that I could store bulky fabrics like fleece in the top two drawers of the file console and put my patterns in the bottom two drawers.  I did a little measuring to verify the console would fit and – Yippee – it would.  All I needed was a great sale.  Life is good; the file console went on sale!  I ordered it in a heartbeat!

So, here are my patterns before:

Patterns in their temporary phase:

Pattern BookCraft Envelopes

And here are my patterns now!

File Console

Organized Patterns

Since the drawers of the file console could fit either letter or legal files, I had enough room on the side of the drawer to slide in my binders with the copies of pattern envelopes.

You might notice that the file console isn’t quite the same shade of white as the craft table.  Bummer, huh?  Technically, they are both Picket Fence, but they definitely aren’t the same color.  I think I’ll just wait to see how the room comes together once it is painted.  I think I can get Martha Stewart colors mixed at Home Depot, so if worst comes to worst, I’ll paint either the tables or the file console.

So, here’s the updated Studio To Do List:

    1. Paint
      1. All 4 walls green?
      2. Trim “white”
    2. Window coverings – shades are OK as is, but maybe something fun as a valance or panel?
    3. Floor covering
      1. Move zebra rug into this room?
    4. Walls:
      1. Shelf for creative fairies that my daughter made
      2. Corkboards above desks?
    5. Lighting – definitely need something better than what we have.  Maybe track?
    6. Other
      1. Dress form to look like me
      2. Mirror
    7. Furniture
      1. Green chairs for desks
      2. Large craft tables (see more here)
      3. Storage cart for my daughter’s beading, quilling, and scrapbooking supplies
      4. Corner table for computer
      5. File cabinet for patterns
      6. Chair(s) – to use for hand work and reading
      7. Decorate trunk in animal print? – now that I have a large file console, the trunk may need to be moved into another room.  Keep you posted.
      8. Cutting table? – will one fit??
    8. Cleaning / Organizing / Decluttering
      1. My daughter’s younger stuff that we just keep moving around the house
      2. Books
      3. Fabric – need better system for storing scraps.  Or do I need them at all?
      4. Patterns – organize them somehow (see more here)

I’m making progress in the Studio (even if it’s slower than I would like). I’m not sure I’ll make my Jan.1 deadline, but at least I’m moving forward!


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