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If you’ve been talking to me lately, you know that I’ve been declaring this year as the year I’m conquering clutter.  I thought I’d tackle the Studio first to really get me motivated and I’ve had a countdown timer at the bottom of this blog to keep me going.  Well…..it kept me going for a while, but then homeschooling got really crazy.  I mean REALLY CRAZY.  This has been the spring of standardized tests, looking at colleges, planning, testing, more research, more testing….  To make a long story short – not much has happened on the Studio.

This past January, I read many organizing books – all part of my strategy to conquer clutter.  One of my favorites was Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider.  One of the reasons I really liked her book on conquering clutter was her attitude toward intentional living and living simply.  I realized that we have been living simply and intentionally for years and just hadn’t given our lifestyle a name.  Anyway, it was refreshing to see that others live as we do.  And Tsh’s approach to conquering clutter is pretty straightforward.  As my daughter observed, Tsh’s strategy focuses on what you want to keep, not so much on what you want to toss.  More positive.

So, our plan was to declutter using Tsh’s strategy, but in smaller bites than she suggests in her book.  That was our plan.  And we had good intentions.  Just haven’t gotten to it.  I know – excuses, right?  Probably.  (Homeschool really has been crazy, I’m just saying…)

Anyway, while I was looking at Tsh’s blog today, Simple Mom, I saw her Project Simplify 2013 post and I decided to join in.  It’s a 4-week spring cleaning project that focuses on 4 different hot spots, one hot spot for each week in April.  The hot spots are drawers and shelves, closet, piles, a put-off project.  (To see more about her Spring Cleaning project see the link at the bottom of the page.)

See why this speaks to me?  Piles (everywhere when you homeschool) and a put-off project (ahem, do I hear you saying Studio?)!  Definitely the areas where I need work.  And since each hot spot can be as large or small as I choose, I thought this might be a doable goal for April.  I’m in!  Stay tuned and wish me luck!


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This entry was posted on April 7, 2013 by in Studio.

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