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Pink Lace Skater Skirt – Pattern Drafting

My daughter is love with the short skater-type skirts that are all the rage now.  I offered to make her one just the way she likes.  (Also, a tad longer than what we see in the stores!)  So I’ve been on a search for a pattern for a skater skirt.  Most skater skirt patterns seem to be full circle skirts with an elastic waist.  This was not what my daughter tried on in local stores, so I kept looking.

I found Simplicity pattern 2314 that was somewhat close but it had a fitted waist with a side zipper.  My daughter liked the idea of a zipper at the waist to get a better fit at the waist and still be able to get it over her hips.  But the skirt shape wasn’t quite right – it was just an A-line skirt – not full enough.  Then I stumbled across this vintage 1973 McCall’s 3580 pattern.  The skirt shape was perfect although it had an elastic waist.  Believe it or not, I found this vintage pattern on ebay and bought it in a heartbeat.  Now all I had to do was draft my own pattern with the waistband and zipper from the Simplicity pattern with the skirt shape of the vintage pattern.  Here are the two patterns:

2314S    3580M-73

I use Pellon Easy Pattern to draft my new pattern pieces.  I started by drawing in the waist from the Simplicity pattern.  Then I marked where I wanted the longer hemline to be (only 1/2″ longer!).


Then I placed the vintage pattern piece underneath my “new” pattern and marked the sides.  Once the sides were drawn, I slid my “new” pattern down to draw the hemline curve.


Here’s the “new”pattern piece for the back.  I did the same thing for the front pattern piece.  Now I’m all set to cut!

New Draft


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