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Beading and Quilling and Scrapbooking, Oh My!

Day 3 of our Studio Makeover:  Organizing my daughter’s craft stash!

The good news about this day of organizing is that my daughter is doing it!  Woohoo!  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, my daughter has several hobbies, including bead weaving, quilling, and scrapbooking,  that use lots of small items.  All of these items are stored in various places around the house and whenever she wants to work on a project she has to gather supplies from all corners of the house.  Our ultimate vision is to have an organized room where we can both create; hence the idea of the Studio was born.  She has a Martha Stewart Living craft table, too, now, so she has a centralized place to work and for her birthday she received a wonderful storage cart to corral those small items.  Once I started organizing my patterns, she decided to organize her craft items, too.

So, here is where she started.  Quilling supplies on the left, beading supplies on the right, and scrapbooking stuff – well – everywhere! And you can see in the bottom right corner a box full of Sculpey clay.

And she is hoping to get it all in her new cart on the left and her 3-drawer storage box on the right.


Think she’ll make it??  (Shhh, I’m not so sure, either…..)


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