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Scrapbook FaerieDrama FaerieSay “Hello” to the newest of my Creative Faeries!

This year for Christmas my daughter made two more faeries to add to my collection.

The blue faerie is a Scrapbook Faerie.  See all her scrapbook paper?  Just like us doing a project and trying to decide which paper to use.

And the pink and black faerie is a Drama Faerie!  She’s obviously rehearsing – with her arm in the air and her script in the other hand.  (She must not be off-book, yet!)  And it really is a script; it’s from one of the plays my daughter was in.  Points if you can read it and name the play!!  (By the way, it’s 2 pt font!)  Isn’t her dress dramatic, too?

I just LOVE these faeries!  Don’t you?

If you recall from earlier posts, these faeries will live in the updated Studio to bring a smile to my lips and inspiration to my day.  I’ll introduce you to the other Creative Faeries in a future post.


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This entry was posted on January 2, 2013 by in Studio.

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