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2012 Studio Update

Since it’s the very last day of 2012, I thought I’d give you an update on our Studio makeover.  You know, I was hoping to finish our update by today and I even put a countdown counter at the bottom of the blog to keep me motivated – but, alas, I’m not making my deadline.  (Aren’t deadlines meant to be broken??  I think they are at my house….)  Really, though, we have been working on the Studio (really!)  – it’s just that everything takes longer than I anticipate.  Throw in the holidays and a Christmas virus that’s running through our family and progress on the Studio has almost come to a standstill.  Here’s what we’ve been doing, even if we’re not quite finished, yet.

My daughter has been consolidating all her beading, scrapbooking, and quilling supplies.  This, as it turns out, has been a major undertaking, but she’s almost done.  You won’t believe the before and after!  I’ve been trying out paint samples to find the color that inspires me the most.  I was originally thinking about painting the Studio green, but lately a deep, rich purple is creeping into my list of possibilities.  Pretty dramatic, no?  Our goal for the New Year is to go through our huge stack of stuff which is piled in the middle of the Studio floor.  It’s time to conquer the clutter and then get back to creating our Studio.

I’m going to set a new deadline (LOL) just to keep us working on the Studio, but I have to be realistic.  I won’t be able to paint until it warms up and we can open the windows.  So, I think I’ll try for March 31.  Just a random date in the spring which we might make, what with homeschooling, standardized tests and conquering clutter, but something to aim for nonetheless.  Wish us luck!


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