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White Eyelet Peasant Shirt – Design

I finally had a block of time yesterday to sew and I was all fired up to crank out another peasant shirt for my daughter.  Back in July, Hancock’s had some beautiful white eyelet on sale and we bought enough to make a long-sleeved shirt.  I had already prewashed the fabric and purchased all the notions, so I thought I just might even finish the shirt yesterday.

I laid out the fabric and got out the 3 pattern pieces required and…..YIKES!  I can’t get all the pieces to fit on my fabric!  What in the world has happened??  Did I not buy enough fabric?  After many hours of struggling, figuring, positioning the pattern pieces in different configurations, figuring some more, … I came to this conclusion.  No way were these 3 simple pieces were going to fit on this fabric cut.  What a shame!  I think my mistake came when I looked at the pattern envelope and bought just enough fabric to make a long-sleeved shirt.  What I neglected to take into account was that I was buying fabric with a scalloped edge (OK, well that part I did know) and I would need to position the pattern pieces crosswise to make use of the edge for the hem.  Once I turned the pattern pieces crosswise, they needed quite a bit more fabric than what was suggested on the pattern envelope.

Now what?  Simple, I need to buy more fabric.  Oh, wait; it’s October!  What chance do you think I have of finding eyelet now?  Last night, I ran out to our closest Hancock’s… no go; all the eyelet is gone or put away.  I checked online and the eyelet is still available, but I have to buy a yard minimum (I only need 3/4 yard) and have to pay shipping.  And no coupon codes!  That makes for some expensive sleeves!  I think I will check the other Hancock’s store today, just to see if I can get lucky and find the eyelet.  Wish me luck!

Update: Yippee!!!  I found the white eyelet fabric at the other Hancock’s store earlier today and I was able to use a coupon!  Whew – now I can get back to sewing this shirt.


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